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FF #6

• Darla vs Yancy Street! ‘ NUFF SAID!

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Joe Quinones
Colors by Laura Allred
Cover by Michael Allred & Laura Allred

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.8%
Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Oh, no, no Allred! And they are double shipping this book next month, but issue 8 is already delayed. Stupid Marvel. I hope this is as fun as the first five have been.

  2. This may have been planned from the beginning, but it also could have been because the Allreds had their home robbed (maybe it was only last month, so it wouldn’t have effected this issue maybe).

    I’m sure it’ll still be a good time, but Allred’s style will definitely be missed.

  3. FF without Michael Allred is the same as Hawkeye without David Aja. I’m not trying to knock Joe Quinones, but Allred is 75% of the reason I buy this.

  4. From the previews I’ve seen, Joe Quinones does a pretty admirable job filling in, plus Laura is still coloring it so the colors will be fantastic as usual.

    On a side note I now want a Thing mask, so I can rep Yancy St., that’s right dummies Yancy all the way!

  5. (Please don’t yell at me) Mike Allred is great and all (please don’t yell at me) and I love what he’s been doing with this series (please don’t yell at me) but if he were to leave this book and be replaced with Joe Quinones (here comes the yelling) I would be totally fine with that.

  6. Joe Quinones did a fine job, and Laura Allred helped the transition, but there’s something about Allred’s faces that can’t be matched.

    Interesting issue, apparently She-Hulk listens to Eminem while she works out, and Tong is a transgendered (is that the right word?) Moloid. As fun as this series has been, I would like them to go out and SCIENCE! something soon. That’s been the big void between Hickman and Fractions run right now, for me. (I wish the F4 would have left Franklin and Valeria behind to continue interacting with the Foundation but what are ya gonna do.)

    • I like the tranny Moleman more than the tranny in Batgirl. It’s weird we have had two show up in the same month.

      In FF it was just accepted and fun – in Batgirl it felt kinda forced and preachy.

    • I agree zlbenson, it would be nice to have Franklin and Valeria in this book, but I guess it does allow Fraction to focus even more on the expanded cast. I just feel like they are underused in the F4 proper so far.

      The gender identity reveal by Tong was a great scene, and his bros had the perfect reaction. It was nice to see it be presented matter of factly, as opposed to other recent LGBT related character “outings”.

  7. Another great issue of FF. I loved the Baxter building map/layout page, and Scott slipping up by calling Ahura Uhura was hilarious. These characters really allow for Fraction to mix in the humor, which definitely one of his strengths. I’m also a big supporter of any and all Inhuman cameos, so the visit to Atillan was great to see. Quinones did a great job filling in, the only real differences I could pick out were faces, and it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the book at all.

    • The map was awesome. It reminded me of the layout of the Pit from the giant sized first issue of GI Joe I got when I was a kid.

      I think there were some parts where the coloring didn’t line up exactly write with Quinones’ art, but for the most part he did a great job and the lack of Mike Allred didn’t hurt much. Only a little.

  8. I enjoyed Quinones and so glad Laura Allred colored him, however I would still want Mike Allred. His characters are so pretty!

  9. Quinones would be great on Deadpool with Hawthorne and Moore.

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