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FF #5

• The mystery that is…Medusa!

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Michael Allred
Colors by Laura Allred
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Michael Allred & Laura Allred

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. this will settle the long-running debate of whose stronger: She-Hulk or Medusa’s hair???

  2. It feels so good to be picking up a Mighty Marvel Mike Allred comic book these days…

  3. I am struggling with this one. At first I felt this was a good book, but I am beginning to question it’s purpose. Is it around simply for the humor? To keep the Fantastic Four’s Earth-life relevant? I am going to keep going for at least a couple more issues but some direction would be really helpful. Other than the Moleman issue I fail to see where we’re going…

    • Even if there was no clear direction I would still pick this up. in comparison, Fantastic Four clearly has a direction but its completely flat and dull compared to this. FF is just full of life and incredibly fun characters.

    • It’s purpose is to entertain with wacky adventures, cool characters, and awesome Allred!

      As long as Marvel is publishing a Future Foundation book, I’ll probably buy it. They should bring the rest of the Power Pack kids in, since I don’t believe they are doing much else these days.

    • It is around for me. I hate Marvel, I hate 3.99, I hate so many things about the company – but I love this book. The art is fresh and fun, the characters are so neat – I love Artie and Leech and She-Hulk and the mole men and the floating head guy – the only one I’m not sure about is the super smart kid.

      But this reminds me of the Giffen/Maguire Justice League – clean art, fun characters, zaniness. I loved that book back in the day, and I’m loving this. I’m sure it’s not for everybody – I don’t care about where it’s going, I’m just happy to be along for the ride.

    • @Bram I follow what you’re saying. It’s a good fun book, but its REALLY slow and a little all over the place. I almost always have to read them twice. Last issue flowed smoothly, but this one not so much. I too will be giving it a few more issues to see if it takes a better hold. I don’t really need a whole page of Darla picking out head gear…it was fun, but not that much fun.

  4. I’ll take FF over Fantastic Four’s “Lost in Space” boring theme any day.”Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!!”

  5. Maybe this will shed some light on the mysteries Fraction has been planting in this book. There’s a lot more happening than just humor.

  6. Subscribed for the first twelve issues.

    I love Allred’s art, and I dig a good wacky title, I just don’t know that I can afford too many titles anymore.

    Thank You, Public Library!

  7. Scott, you’re losing them all! What have they done with our Medusa!

  8. Not as great as last issue, but still very fun!

  9. I would buy this even if they did’nt print any words in it, that’s how great the Allreds are.

  10. Who was that dude at the end?

    • That was the Wizard. Apparently Bentley 23 is a clone of him. He was a member of the Frightful Four with Medusa – back when she was bad?

  11. Another wonderful issue of FF. Slowly the wacky all-fun façade is wearing off, and some underlying problems are coming to light. When Medusa’s granddaughter viewed her mind it was all purple; I think it might mean she is being controlled by the Wizard, or I guess it could just be that a purple aura means bad intentions. It’s gonna be interesting to see how things play out. Also, it seemed like Alex is going to take a page from Valeria’s book and seek some answers from Latveria, hopefully that plan doesn’t backfire on him.

  12. This was absolutely spectacular. This cheered me up so much. Not read everything yet but unlikely that this isn’t my pick of the week.

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