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FF #10

• They’ve handled media mockery, crippling self-doubt, kidnapping, and the greatest fiends the Negative Zone could throw at them — but can the FF handle… THE SPOOKY KIDS?

• SHIVER! As they write the names of weird bands you’ve never heard of ALL OVER their desktops!

• QUAKE! As they use strange “slang” to hide their true conversations! What are they talking about? Could be… ANYTHING.

• RECOIL! At their monstrous cell phone data plan bills every month. Seriously you have NO IDEA how much these kids use their phones.

• The generation gap has come for the Future Foundation… BREAK OUT THE BLACK NAIL POLISH!

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Michael Allred
Colors by Laura Allred
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Michael Allred & Laura Allred

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.6%
Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. The FF. Or how I learned to stop worrying and love Matt Fraction.

  2. In for the first dozen.

    And then, I’ll see you in Tradesville my friends.

  3. Hahaha! Love the solicit. The Spooky Kids will be cosplayed by the coolest people at whatever con they’re attending, and I will give them a thumbs-up.

  4. A great and underrated book in my humble opinion. Always makes me smile when I read it.

  5. JML ( says:

    I like this book best when it’s being less meta. When Fraction wrote himself into this one I cringed a bit. I know that’s kind of a classic Marvel move, but with so much weird fun stuff already going on in this comic it seemed unnecessary.

    • It is supposed to mirror the original Fantastic Four, so I see why he did it. In Fantastic Four #10, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby made an appearance in the story, which is probably why Fraction and Allred show up.

    • JML ( says:

      Riiight, I totally forgot about that conceit. This makes way more sense now. It just seemed a shame to me because I was enjoying the stuff with the kids so much. Every time we cut back to the adventures with the microscopic tiger and foul-mouthed Matt Fraction, I got a little antsy.

    • The melting pot of characters here is glorious and fun. I do get antsy too when the adventures unfold.

  6. While the whole Fraction/Allred/Brevoort in the comic thing was cute, the best part was with the kids, as it moved the plot forward a touch. I kinda wish they would have elaborated more on the “we’re gonna save the F4” with the Ceasar imposter guy (I forget his name), rather than use half the issue to insert themselves in the book.

    That said, the art for that part was pretty dang cool. The art overall was good. Also,

    Maximus cheats, ihis answer changed at the end. He wasn’t free till then, and thus answered incorrectly earlier, unless he thought that by way of making them start the game, was enough to finish the game and pronounce himself free.

    Still my one and only complaint about FF, is that Fraction should have left Franklin and Valeria home. Valeria would have outed Maximus immediately.

  7. This was another wonderful issue, of one of my current favorites. By the end of the story the presence of Fraction, Allred, and Breevort was kind of wearing on me, but for the most part I was laughing a lot, so it worked. My favorite was Allred yelling “I’ve always loved you!” to Medusa–and his sporting of a Madman shirt was great.

  8. It wasn’t the stink of Doctor Doom I smelled, but this issue did indeed stink.

  9. Michael Allred brought the goods! He had an issue off and it shows. His work has gotten better with every issue. This was a fun issue and the kids were great. Opening scene with John had me cracking up and the way Allred drew Doom on his throne with his legs spread ooen, lounging…just so much character in these pages. A real joy to read.

  10. I was really dissapointed by this issue. Need to check but think I’ve given all but this one 5 stars. This got a rather generous 3 but that was mainly for the art.

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