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  1. Ugh….What a huge dissappointment!! If you like the word “Goddamn” you’ll love this comic…it appears in about every word balloon. Don’t get me wrong….sometimes profanity adds to a story or setting with the characters and all but MAN this is such overkill it’s not even funny. The art was very good,but this,to me,was Lapham’s worse comic ever!! I definately won’t be back for # 2!

  2. The owner of the LCS I went to today pimped this book to me.

    UGH! I am not a prude (I think), but I don’t need to see the level of gore in a comic that was in this issue.

    Things like the violence that occurred in the story can be hinted at or even shown in a different manner with better effect. This is splatter, not horror

  3. I really liked this comic. I don’t normally post on here but thought I should represent the positive side.

    I’m not familiar with Lapham’s work but I’m definitely going to look for it now. I thought this was a fantastic take on werewolves. I disagree that this story should be told with less gore. I imagine a world with werewolves to be a very messy primal place. It’s a world that needs this type of raw visual storytelling. I think horror stories are often watered down by hiding the violence. I love the violence. I’ll follow this book to the end.

    No disrespect to those who didn’t like the book. It’s not for everyone.
    And that’s why it’s great.

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