The world has plunged into an abyss of terror and despair, and few places are worse right now than in Las Vegas, where the hammer-wielding XXXX XXXXX is passing though — in his own unstoppable way! Luckily, HARDBALL and his HEAVY HITTERS are here to save the day! Um, right, Hardball and the Heavy
Hitters? Right…?

Story by
Sean McKeever
Art by
Mike Norton
Colors by
Veronica Gandini
Cover by
Giuseppe Camuncoli

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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. that cover is great

    Also, Juggernaut is the new black.

  2. @RoiVampire  LOL! 

  3. Seriously, has there actually been a Fear Itself tie that Juggernaut is not on the cover?

  4. @WHATTHEDAST- Yes. Sometimes it is Attuma.

  5. Ok so this week alone Juggernaut is in New York, Las Vegas, and San Francisco all at the same time…

  6. @Kamilo  He got a hold of what ever Zen power Wolverine and Deadpool use to be everywhere.

  7. @JoeCom  and batman. You can’t forget the Zen power of Batman.

  8. @WHATTHEDAST – and the Punisher, but his power is limited; he can only appear at the END of every book ever.

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