With the events of FEAR ITSELF causing worldwide panic, Jonathan Standish and his cell of rogue Purifiers look to take their murderous mission to the next level. Believing superheroes have brought about the end of the world, just how many innocents can these Purifiers kill? How many ‘souls’ can they save from the devil? And where will they strike next? If ever there was a group worthy of X-Force’s lethal talents, this is it. But is there a grain of truth hidden in Standish’s askew thinking?

Story by Rob Williams
Art by Simone Bianchi
Colors by Simone Peruzzi
Letters by Joe Sabino
Cover by Simone Bianchi & Simone Peruzzi

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.1%
Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. The first issue was alright, but I think this is something I’m going to have to flip through in the store before I make a final decision

  2. I enjoyed the first ish more than I thought I would esp williams’ take on deadpool. I’ll definitely be picking this up if not just for bianchi’s art

  3. @BatToosi  Those are the two reasons why this is more of yes than a no. For some reason, I never really liked Bianchi’s art, but I really enjoyed it on this book. I guess it seems a better fit on X-Force than it did when I saw it on Wolverine and Astonishing X-Men. And Williams writing of Deadpool was great. I would hope he takes over Deadpool after Way.    

    But other than that, the story felt very bland. I also just hate that every time the Purifiers are used they seem drastically different than they’re previous apperance. I know building the characters is good and all, but the only thing ever really the same is the hatred of mutants and extreme violence

  4. @Fett02 I first became a fan of Bianchi’s art with the b&w Tec covers from a few years back but realize the style isn’t for everyone. As far as Williams, interesting that you’d want to see him take over Deadpool when many have complained over the lack of direction on it lately and you weren’t too crazy about the story on this one. The only thing I’ve read of Williams previously was Skaar and I thought it was very average. We’ll see how issue 2 turns out

  5. @BatToosi  My problem with the story had less to do with Williams writing and more to do with the basic premise. I thought Wiliiams wrote all the characters (especially Deadpool) extremely well. And while I did complain that the story was bland, Williams writing of it wasn’t. The story has more direction than the Deadpool series has had in a while, but I just thought that the basic premise of the story and the villains used (who I never really like because of the reason in my previous post) just weren’t doing it for me. I know it seems really contradictory to say his writing was good and the story was bland, but I can’t think of another way to express how I feel about this mini.

  6. @Fett02 Fair enough, I think I get your meaning. I agree the villains aren’t the most intriguing but it’s possible Williams didn’t have a say in the matter. However he may be able to pull off a different spin on them. I haven’t read 2 yet but second acts usually approve upon the first. Cya on issue 3 board

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