The Origin of Sin, daughter of the Red Skull – and some of the quirkiest Cap stories ever told! Captain America, regressed to a 98-pound weakling, vs. a teenage death cult and the Sisters of Sin!

Battle Star and the Falcon, together against the Serpent Society! Featuring a special guest-appearance by the voluptuous Sersi!

Classic stories fully remastered with modern coloring. Plus: an all-new framing sequence!

Collects Captain America #355-#356, plus material from #357.

By Mark Gruenwald, Jim McCann, Stephanie Hans, Rich Buckler, Al Milgrom, Stefano Landini

Price: $4.99
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  1. Hmmmm…Anyone know what McCann did on this? I’m assuming its this “all new framing sequence”.  I’m curious but I dont know if I’m $5/reprint curious.

  2. i grapped it quickly from the comic book store…hate when they don’t make it clear that it’s a blooody reprint – especialy of material i already have…waste of cash

  3. Weird old story, and the the framing sequence doesnt really match up.  They go from talking about how sin and the other sisiters escaped, to talking about de-programming her.

    On a side note, during the rally, or whatever, by the fire, a lot of what the kids are yelling about hating, I actually hate, so there ya go.

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