• As the hammer-wielding Hulk continues to smash through the vampire nation, Dracula prepares for a final assault

• Introducing an all-new team of heroes to the Marvel Universe!

• The story from Tomb Of Dracula: Throne of Blood was only the beginning.

Story by Victor Gischler
Art by Ryan Stegman & Michael Babinski
Colors by Frank Martin
Cover by Gabriele Dell'Otto

Price: $2.99
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  1. one of the few pros of having fear itself… i get to see a ryan-stegman drawn hulk beating up many types of vampires and monsters….

    what a DEEEE-LIGHT!

    • I’m only following this whole Fear Itself marvel disaster peripherally… i.e. flipping through the pages at the store. I guess that main problem that I have with the whole thing is how powerful these ‘worthy’ monsters are… that thus far no known powers in the ENTIRE marvel universe other than Thor is capable of even stopping them much less defeating even one of them. So for the past 3 or 4 months… the marvel universe has been getting their collective asses kicked like a minor league team.

      I hate to use logic or continuity in comics, but if everybody is losing… all hope is lost… even Cap’s shield is broken… I mean we are talking about last resort right? Didn’t the last Avengers arc involved the all-powerful infinity gems? And the infinity gems are all processed by one of one of marvel characters… Captain America, Iron Man, Prof.X, Reed, and Namor… I think.

      So logically… even through the infinity gems are dangerous… wouldn’t now be a time to use them to at least even the odds?

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