Fear makes us do terrible things – but it will also make the Fearsome Four BECOME terrible things! Twisted by their own terror as well as the reality-warping powers of a fear-drunk Man-Thing, Marvel’s Strangest Heroes transform into horrendous versions of themselves. Howard the Duck, Nighthawk, Frankenstein, and She-Hulk mutate from hero to monster freaks – and instead of saving the city the foursome just might end it.

It’s a mad tale told by Brandon Montclare, Ryan Bodenheim, with covers by living legend Michael Wm Kaluta. And joining the ghastly crew of creators and characters, the one and only Simon Bisley illustrates a special in-story Spotlight!

Story by Brandon Montclare
Art by Simon Bisley, Ryan Bodenheim, Ray-Anthony Height & Don Ho
Colors by Simon Bisley & Tony Avina
Letters by Nate Piekos
Cover by Michael Wm Kaluta

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. LOL This series is a trip! nice little twist at the end to. I’m actually looking forward to next issue.

  2. This series was awful. If you’re reading Fear Itself, skip this mini. It has no bearing on the overall story, and it’s just plain bad

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