Odin decides the final fate of Asgard…and it will never be the same.

The heroes of the Nine Worlds bid farewell to one of their own.


Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Adam Kubert
Cover by Adam Kubert & Salvador Larocca

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.2
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  1. Well .1 was great but this is written by Fraction so I doubt it.

  2. I really enjoyed 7.1. I don’t have as much attachment to Thor and Iron Man as Cap, so I’m probably not going to get 7.2 and 7.3 unless it looks extremely well done.

    As much as people complained about these, at least Marvel was nice (and smart) enough by giving each issue its own focus instead of spreading all three stories over the three issues.

  3. Nope. Brubaker has stated several times in several interviews that the entire Iron Fist series was Matt Fraction. That basically he just slapped his name on the cover to help sales and that every idea and plot was Fraction. Look it up!

    • and also SleepingMan, Casanova is my favorite series of all time. You either love it and accept it as one of the best things ever created in the universe or it does not connect with you at all. Strangest reader gap ever.

  4. Well this issue sucked wang.
    I’m done with anything fraction writes.

    • Really? I guess I’m crazy then, cause that was some good storytelling and a unique way of connecting the everlasting longevity of gods with the eternal nature of stories

  5. sigh.. it just.. won’t… friggin…. die. Is Marvel still known as the house of ideas? I guess nobody said they all had to be good ones. Just give Jason Aaron the keys to the whole thing.. he’s got an awesome set of tools. he can fix it!! 🙂

    • And whoever designed the good looking Regenesis banners should punch whoever did the godawful phoned-in desktop-publishing Fear Itself banner. If it was the same person, I’d be more than surprised.

  6. This was a complete waste of paper and money. Fraction is a good writer it just depends on who and what he’s writing. His Invincible IronMan stuff was great.

  7. I was mixed on this, I thought the first two thirds was a fitting sendoff for Thor. Fraction butchered Nightcrawler’s wake, so maybe my expectations were just very low.

    The whole Tanarus thing seems bizarre, did all the heroes recognize him?

    I thought killing off Thor was a cheap way to add weight to an awful story, but him opening his eyes at the end of this leads me to believe that there’s a story there in Thor finding his way back to life. I’m sure it’s been done a million times before, but given the unlimited things you can do with the Norse afterlife/Hela/Mephisto/whatever, it might be cool. Unfortunately I hate Fraction’s writing so I’ll probably never read it.

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