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  1. FINALLY!!!!

  2. Yeah, did this comic get printed in a parallel universe and then have to be shipped to this one?  Because that took forever it feels like.  Now the wait begins for the final trade, the first monthly issue of which hasn’t even been solicited yet, so it’s gonna be a while. 🙁

  3. YEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this FOREVER!

  4. I still need to snag Tade 4 and "Tales of the Fear Agent" but I’ll be caught up soon.

  5. Just recently discovered Remender’s work and still haven’t picked up Fear Agent.  Think I’ll wait for the Omnibus which is slated to come out in 2010.

  6. yay

  7. Ahem…YEEEEEHAW!

  8. @Francisco – there’s an omnibus coming out?  Where did you hear that?  I assume it will only collect some of the stories, as there’s still one final story arc before Remender closes things up.

  9. Oh, found some info on it.  Apparently it’s due August 2010 and will run 680 pages, which is about 30 issues.  So I guess the final arc is only 3 issues?

  10. @CGPO – You found out as much infor on the upcoming Omnibus as I did.  I think Remender let the cat out some months back on Twitter.  Hopefully it’ll collect everything.  Can’t wait!

  11. @Francisco – I think it will, as 680 pages is about 30/31 issues, and if it is in the style of the other Dark Horse Omnibuses, which I think it will be as opposed to being some kind of deluxe hardcover, then they usually don’t reprint covers or any other frills.  It makes me think I should wait for that if it’s due in August, as the cost of that omnibus will be about the same as buying this trade and the final one once it comes out.  Hmmm…

  12. Looks like the West Coast got this and the East Coast got the shaft. Maybe next week!

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