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  1. cant wait to read this the cover looks awesome

  2. i was totally in a fight like that on the weekend. you should of seen the other guy. high five!

  3. This is such a good book, I wish it could keep up a monthly schedule. Tony Moore’s art is more then worth the wait, but the slowdown is hurting this yarn’s pacing, I think. Still, always happy to see this come out.

  4. Yes. My enjoyment of the "I Against I" arc really suffers from the schedule. Not to happy about the only 16 pages of main story in the latest issues (even though the back ups are all great) too. Still a great book, but the circumstances could be better.

  5. Read this book.

    Everyone likes Western, Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Romantic, Space Opera.

    If you consider yourself to be American, Buy this book.

  6. i was really happy with this issue. it had a exciting fight nice character moments and a dramatic conclusion. really, really good

  7. Too bad the art looked really rushed in some panels. And again, only 16 pages main story with one page being all black with a two word caption? Come on…Good thing they going to take a break after that arc so Tony Moore can take his time with the next (and final?) arc.

  8. Tony Moore’s actually going over to Ghost Rider and Opena is on Punisher, so who knows when the next issue will be after this arc wraps. Also I heard Remender said they were either taking time off or a break or something. Anyone know any details?

  9. @ButchCassidy

    The definatly taking a break. No new issue soliciated yet. I think Remender said in an interview that the next arc starts in June or July 2009.

  10. Remender twittered just after #25 that the next arch ending with #32 will be the last for a while.

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