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  1. Sometimes I really wish I wasn’t reading this in trade. O well, wait I must so wait I shall.

  2. A little wait but more than worth the wait!

  3. At first go-through I was thinking I didn’t have any comics coming this week and started to panick (conversely, my wallet let itself prematurely sigh in relief) . Then I saw Fear Agent and all is again well.

  4. this books’ schedule has been so erratic lately, I feel I would benefit from a re-read of the whole thing. I kinda want to go back to reading it in trade. I decided to read all my favorite books monthly after exterminators got cancelled, but Fear Agent is probably safe, huh?  

  5. @ jerichoobp


    get the next arc in issues, i swapped from trade to issues for this story, i think the experience is much better 

  6. To anybody grabbing this in trade: Switch to issues.  Ensure Fear Agent has the best chance of not getting cancelled.  Remender said he knows it’s safe only up to #32.  Beyond that there’s no guarantee.

  7. The covers to this arc have been fantastic. Tony Moore really gets better and better with each project he does.

  8. Remender just twittered that the next arch ending with 32 will be the last for a while.


    *knashes teeth*


    Well, you know, it’s too sad.

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