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  1. I didn’t know this was the last issue until I got to “The End.” As a climax, there was a lot there but somehow I still felt a little underwhelmed. This has been one of my favorites to read each month so I’m not trying to cut the series down, and I might be not feeling great about this issue partially because I’m sad to see the series go. Curious how other folks liked the finish and the series overall.

    • I gave up in the middle (I think #5) because I didn’t feel I was getting my $4 worth. Sounded like it picked up though, so I will be reading the collection.

    • I liked it a lot. In terms of format, this issue felt like a perfect endpoint/coda.

      There were a few passages (if not whole issues) along the way that definitely felt too much like something that was obviously intended to be a movie, that had been turned into a comic by another writer.

      But, overall, I really liked it. Worth $3.99 a month for me.

  2. I enjoyed the series, but this issue certainly had a “what does it all mean” feeling to it. It seemed to end up being Alan Moore’s statement on how fashion contributes to/defines who we are. The last fashion show sort of reminded me of the end of that M. Night Shymalan movie “The Village,” but not as gimmicky.

    Always love the journey (the build up, characters, dialogue) in Moore’s work, and this was no exception.

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