• The F4 travel back to the literal dawn of time to witness the big bang.

• To their surprise, they are not alone…!

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by Mark Bagley & Mark Farmer
Colors by Paul Mounts
Cover by Mark Bagley & Karl Kerschl

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. Should be another good issue. I like how they’re one and done stories so far compared to all the multi-issue arc or huge crossover that I follow.

  2. I skipped the last issue b/c I thought it was just a tie-in. Did I miss anything relevant? If so, I’ll pick up the back issue.

    • I didn’t grab the AU #5 either, but I’m pretty sure there wasn’t any information pertinent to the regular run.

    • I can’t imagine it being relevant because, well

      it showed the whole of F4 dying except for Sue — and the kids, stuck in space. I have no idea what’s going in Age of Ultron and how that can even happen. Only adding fuel to the rumors that it’s an alternate timeline. From the previews of this, everybody’s alive and fine.

    • Sorry, I bracketed a SPOILER WARNING, but it disappeared…because I bracketed it ?! I don’t feel too bad, though, ’cause like I say, it’s an alternate story-type thing and the F4 are definitely OK in this.

  3. YAWN Dropped, but FF stays.

  4. Giving this the full first year.

    Dropping all of my Marvel soon.

  5. Every issue since they left on their trip has been kind of fun, but that’s been about it. This is the first one that felt like it had some real forward momentum, there were some real stakes in this book, and I hope it continues down this path.

  6. I’d say this is the best issue yet, but still kinda pedestrian.

  7. This is the first issue I’ve read since they started over with #1 again. The traditional elements are there- Blastaar is the villain and the tone is fairly light and fun. Not bad. I might pick up #7. We’ll see.

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