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A giant toy store full of deadly videogame kids and killer Legos. An underground labyrinth inhabited by needy Swedish nannies. The Impossible Man. Arcade. And a babysitter named Johnny Storm…Enter the Frank-tastic Four.

WRITER: Jonathan Hickman
PENCILS: Neil Edwards
INKS: Andrew Currie
COLORED BY: Paul Mounts
LETTERED BY: VC - Rus Wooton
COVER BY: Alan Davis

Price: $2.99
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JKExar06/24/10YesRead Review
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Edwards is getting better, and the last issue was 5 stars. I’m back on until September (I want that in trade).

  2. Hickman’s Fantastic Four has been awesome, it’s been a slow build but man is it getting good!

  3. I’ve been down on this series lately, but there’s been just enough each issue to get me to come back but it just hasn’t been grabbing me like it used to. We shall see how this issue shakes out.

  4. Hickman’s FF … awesome. Swedish Nannies? Ever better.

  5. Edwards draws faces pretty weird. Everything else is pretty decent. I think he gets a little too much flak. But hey, to each his own.

  6. This is supposed to be the issue that sets up the main idea of Hickman’s run, right?

    *Reads the solicit*

    Aww crap…

  7. When does Epting come on board? Waiting out Hickman’s long play style is a lot easier with cool art that is easy on the eyes. I am not digging Edwards.

  8. This book has been the bee’s knees for the last 6-8 months.  Who would have thought three years ago that in 2010 FF would be the single best book put out by Marvel?

  9. I have really been digging the slow burn of hickmans ff a lot and this issue sounds fun, but I can’t wait for the shot to hit the fan.

  10. @JimBilly – Epting draws the 3 arc, starting in September.

  11. tempting…. would it be better to pick up last month’s issue? I’ve been off and on with this newest Hickman run.

  12. Cover: Awesomesauce

    Interiors: ….

  13. @Nathan Totally agree. Not a fan of Neil Edwards, but the writing is so spectacular that I don’t even mind. God this is great! And to think that I used to dislike the Fantastic Four…

  14. @ Slockhart

    Actually, I’m pretty sure it was the last issue that was supposed to do that.  

  15. I’m a big fan of Neil Edwards’ art and Hickman’s writing…but this is me done on this book now. I shall trade wait.

  16. I really enjoyed this issue! Should be a fun twist on my face family member the thing!

  17. Every time some one has an epic run on FF I start reading again and after a few issues I become bored and stop.  After doing this over and over again I now realize that it is the FF that bores me not the writer or the artist.  I wanna say this in the clearest way possible.  I’m not a fan of the FF…there I said it. Not to say that this run has been bad at all it’s just not my cup of tea.  I don’t think the Fantastic Four ever will be for me.

  18. I have no problems with the interiors. This artist is good and this issue was great. Hickman is a genius.

  19. This wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great, though. And I found myself flipping through the issue to see what wry line Leech had next. Yes, that’s right… the main draw of this issue was Leech. Hickman nailed the Franklin/Leech relationship but it just didn’t hold the issue for me. And correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t Franklin shown to be Reed’s classroom at the end of last issue? Or was Alex just confusing drawn exactly the same as Franklin (like in this issue!) 2/5 for me and where I exit this title gracefully.

  20. Was it just me, or was this issue teetering on the fringes of being impenetrable? Either this book is way too smart for its own good, or its simply making veiled references to things that I don’t know about/could give a shit less about.  Pretty rough book.

  21. Clarification: I got the main part of the comic, just didn’t like it.  Its the after-parts that are a bit nebulous.

  22. Loved this issue, the family dynamic really hit me with this one.  Granted, my wife is pregnant and the little story bits with Franklin today got me in particular. 

  23. Hickman continues this interesting pattern of one-and-done stories whlle also telling a really long, drawn out bigger story. I think it is a really tough balance to strike and he doesn’t always nail it. In this issue the quickie story is Arcade and Impossible Man having a fight… why, I am not at all sure. I think just because Arcade likes Death Traps sooo much. Maybe he likes Impossible Man because he can’t be killed. He can Death Trap him all night and all day. It might have been more fun, at least, but Edwards did not do a very good job on it. Arcade dropped a giant Anvil on IM and I had to stare at the panel for two minutes to figure out what the hell had just happened. Anyway, a fairly lame little story that was bookended by some very cool character stuff that plays into the longer story Hickman is telling. I think I would like Hickman to stop playing with the one and dones, which he is not doing that well, and try some slightly longer (weightier) arcs, like his first couple of efforts.

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