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  1. Outside of maybe Thor, I think this is the most consistent book Marvel is putting out

  2. I love how to covers of the upcoming issues, starting with this one, are going to be almost totally unrelated to the insane epicness of what actually goes on in the book. Master of Doom. OMG, bring it on!

  3. such a great read!

  4. I haven’t read 1985 yet – waiting for the trade – will this spoil it? Huh? Will it? Will it?

  5. This book has been sooooo much fun. Millar and Hitch are a great team.

  6. @SamMorgan-That sounds like a queston for Ron!!  But yeah, not sure if this will spoil 1985.  It might just be a simple cameo or something, like when 1985 was mentioned in Kick-ass a few issues back.  I wouldn’t worry too much.

  7. I’ve really been enjoying this title a lot. I haven’t enjoyed Kick-Ass or Wolverine so much, but story-telling like this reminds me that Millar is a writer whose work I do enjoy quite often. Best FF run in a loong time.

  8. I was really hoping that the end of the first issue of Secret Invasion would tie into 1985…

  9. This book is a ton of fun still. Solid issue indeed. 

  10. Good read.  Didn’t blow me away, but a good load of fun.  That opening page was fantastic!

  11. I like how its slowly building up to a Masters of Doom arc, which I assume will be the grand finale of the Millar/Hitch run

  12. Loved this issue!  Great fun

  13. That girl gonna die a terrible death. That’s my guess :0

  14. Good issue, if a little boring. Though some fun thoughts. I’m still a little unclear on how 1985 ties in though.

  15. @PraxJarvin-Millar explains in an interview at IGN comics how it ties in.  Careful, if you are not reading Old Man Logan or FF it will spoil some stuff

  16. P.S. The interview just went up today

  17. Never thought Fantastic 4 would become a book I look forward to every month but here it is.  I have enjoyed every issue of Millar’s run.  How long is he supposed to stay on this book?

  18. I think it’s a year long run. 

  19. @Jediaxle: According to solicits, his run ends with issue #569

  20. i hope this masters of doom arc is good, because the rest of book has been meh to meh.

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