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  1. Thats one hell of a cover.  I can’t wait to read this.

  2. By every possible measure I should be raving about how awesome this run is and I can’t for the life of me figure out why I’m not. It has everything I could ask of it and for one reason or another (maybe all the nay-sayers are actually influencing me) I just can’t seem to get as excited as I should be about this. *shrug*, hopefully the the tide will turn with this issue or the next one.

  3. @goat77 – I’ll be excited for you! Woop Woop!!!!!

    (btw – goat77?!?!?! You mean there were 76 other goats when you chose your username?)

  4. @Goat77

    I’m really excited i mean, GALACTUS BATTERY!  Plus I really loved the first Millar Hitch arc, I thought they had the character interaction down to a tee.

  5. The Galactus reveal in the last issue was a truly genuine "HOLY SHIT" moment the likes of which I havent experienced in a comic book in a long time.

    Millar has me by the balls now.

  6. Maybe Millar will do what he did last week and Johnny will burn Galactus’ pants off.

  7. I, for one, don’t want to see Galactus’ junk.  Although, if it were really small, it would explain alot about the guy…

     Anyways, I love this book.  Lets hope these guys keep up the good work.  Screw the ney-sayers!!!

  8. Millar is kicking ass (pun intended) with all of his current Marvel work. I’m getting and enjoying all four titles and every time I get a new issue it’s like "What could he possibly do this time?" And a few pages later.. "Holy shit!" I couldn’t ask for more 🙂

  9. @J4K3 – agreed.  I’m only reading Wolverine and FF, but they’re definately two of my favorite books

  10. I will get it and have been collecting this run but I am luke warm on my opinion (and in the minority I know).  Something just isn’t clicking for me

  11. The last two issues – OK, but not exceptional. This issue – fantastic.

  12. @coltrane68

    My version of that is "The last two issues – OK, but not exceptional. This issue – pretty good". I finally figured out that the reason why I can’t seem to get very excited about this book is that we never even have all 4 characters in the same scene.

  13. THIS ISSUE KICKED SO MUCH ASS!!!! Plain and simple.

  14. Oh that was so good.

    I think Sue and Reed should keep an eye on what comics Franklin reads though…

    One of them was "fucked up!"

     He he!

  15. Good stuff, loved it. 

  16. Yeah, this was great. It felt like it was about five pages too short or something, but it still might very well go down as my PotW. And I’m not much of an FF or Millar fan. But this was just a nice, classic-y feeling comic. I guess you can put me in the minority, because I have zero interest in Marvel 1985, because I dropped the Wolverine story for being underwhelming, and because I am fast losing interest in Kick-Ass. But this FF run is something special. It takes a very good writer to do diverse work, so I don’t slag Millar off even though I don’t like most of what he does. He does a wide variety, and there’s sure some in there that I like.

  17. Anyone else suspect that Wolverine is the Hooded Man?

  18. @NealAppeal

    Yeah i’m pretty sure it’s him.

  19. The furture is here. And they want the pass. This book rocks.  Love to see a book that isn’t all about super villains and taking over the world.

  20. @NealAppeal and cman12

    Yeah, it seemed like hitch was really trying to convey that in some panels. Chalk "Old Man Logan" as officially crossed-over. 

  21. @goat77, i don’t know if old man logan’s going to be referenced but you never know.

  22. This is some friggin awesome FF stuff here. Mark Millar constantly surprises me with what he’s capable of.

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