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  1. Raise your hand if you think the Millar/Hitch "dream team" will start to live up to thier hype soon on this title.

  2. Hope the art is better this month

  3. Hitch has been phoning this book in. There I said it…  

  4. here’s hoping this book kicks into high gear now.

  5. I seem to be on the same page as everyone else with this book. Last months issue looked terrible. I just remember reading through it and thinking "this guy is a super star artist? really?"

    The saddest part is i know hitch is capable of much better.

  6. I dove off this run last issue

  7. I guess I’m the only one who really really loves this book and can’t wait for this ish.

  8. @ActualButt- this is I do like it, but I expected to LOVE it right off the bat.  Me and this book?  We’re courting right now, I’m ready for the torrid affair.

  9. @ActualButt – I love this book too.

  10. I really like this book, but then again I didn’t go into it with any expectations.

  11. The ending of the first arc was a little weak but I’m still really enjoying this book as well.  Is it me or did the shipping schedule slip a little this much?  Didn’t the first 4 issues come out closer to the beginning of the month?

  12. I came very close to dropping this and I’m glad I picked it up today.  Great issue, can’t wait to see where its going…

  13. I hope this story leads to another dimension or outer space. It has been to pedestrian for the Fantastic Four.        

  14. Seems like they are setting up some good stories! Never really read FF and decided to try when Millar started and I’m enjoying it even with the blah ending last issue.

  15. Man, I thought this was really top notch. A lot of fun, and what a reveal at the end, not that I know what it means or anything. This was killer week, and all books I normally think are good were great. This was one of a number of examples. Love how the Johnny story line is shaping up.

  16. couldnt stand the first story arc, but I am very excited to see where this is now headed

  17. The first story arc started strong for me but really got lame towards the end. I never bought the fact that the Cap robot could be that unstoppable. This 2nd arc is starting strong, Dr. Doom and this mysterious New Defenders team, its got promise… just want it to stay strong.

  18. This is the best book of the week! Much better than last iss. Plus the final 2 page spread of you-know-who was fucking awsome!!!!!

  19. Definately my POW

  20. I agree… this book should be the pick of the week!

    – great art

    – intriguing storyline

    – incredible guest appearance

  21. this was the comic I’ve been waiting for, awesome stuff!

  22. This issue definitely picks up the pace.  I was close to dropping after the first stoyrline, but now I’ll stick it out for a while

  23. I thought this was great. Almost dropped it after the "Cap" arc, which was really silly IMO. Glad I hung in there, this new "Defenders" looks awesome!

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