The WORLD WAR HULKS battle lines are being drawn; whose side are the SHE-HULKS on? Will the Sensational, Savage, and Red She-Hulks choose their allies wisely, or will the list of Marvel’s Gamma-Girded Girls go from THREE…to NONE? By the indomitable team of Jeff Parker (FALL OF THE HULKS: ALPHA, HULKED-OUT HEROES, ATLAS) and Salva Espin (INCREDIBLE HERCULES)!

WRITER: Jeff Parker
PENCILS: Salvador Espin
INKS: Salvador Espin
LETTERED BY: VC - Joe Caramagna
COVER BY: J. Scott Campbell

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. Can someone just get the Red She Hulk a new jumpsuit or something? Why does she insist on continuing to wear a tattered Domino outfit? I think there are things about Betty Ross that I don’t want to know.

    I believe this is the last of the Jeff Parker, please help make this story make sense contributions. This is the last one I got suckered into buying anyway.

  2. Of what I know of Betty Ross, which is admitedly little, the Red She-Hulk seems totally out of character. @JimBilly4 the tattered outfit is for the boys, clearly. I wish comics would make up their mind, do they want properly strong, believeable female characters; or do they want eye candy? It is so rare as to be virtually unknown to get both at the same time. That is if you want to be realistic about it. But I suppose thats maybe the point.

  3. I don’t mind a bit of sexiness mixed in with my strong female characters. But there has to be a line. Sure, in the middle of a battle the Red She Hulk gets her outfit torn up, but she’s fine with that. She goes on punching. It says things about the character and gives a large section of the reading public a thrill at the same time. Win win. But when the fight ends she is going to find some new clothes. To have her parading around in less leather than a dominatrix would feel comfortable wearing for weeks… I mean what the hell?

    As far as the character of Betty Ross I assume the Red She Hulk is a different personality just like the Hulk is a different personality than Banner. There have been a few scenes with just Betty, notably after her Dad died, where she seemed extremely bitter and definitely working with the Intelligencia folk, but it didn’t seem that far out of character. That being said, except for some really weird scenes from Bruce Jones’ Hulk run, I think Betty has been dead or missing for a long time  so who knows what her "modern" character is.

  4. I’ll be glad to see this WWH thing wrap up soon. The Hulk line exploded, and I can’t keep up with all of these Avengers books and eat as it is, let alone afford this many Hulk specials and minis. It’s been a fun couple years for Hulk, but I think I’m gonna be done pretty soon.

     And yes, the pandering is a bit 90s on that cover. 

  5. The only great non-sexy (at least traditionally) female characters Marvel has really ever had were Jessica Jones and Aunt May.  And they’ve been trying to slim Jessica Jones down for a couple of years now to get her back into spandex.  It’s disappointing, I agree.  I think Loeb genuinely wants to write a feminist piece.  He just has absolutely no idea how to do it, and the absolute wrong artist/characters/scenario to do it with.

  6. I liked the issue though I agree with you guys about her costume.  It is a bit ridiculous.

    Though it could be that they are just going for the common denominator to get the horny teenager’s to by the issue (like they did with John Byrne’s run on the original She-Hulk).

    Remember Jen skipping allegedly in the nude and the cheese cake cover’s?  I do!

    Just history repeating itself in my humble opinion. 

    Lyra is still my favourite She-Hulk.  She’s smart, noble and a loyal friend.  Jen as been turned into Samantha from Sex in the City.  She greets all strange men with open legs.  I am waiting for Jen to leak her Paris Hilton style sex tape to be honest with you.

    A female Marvel fan on another site best described her has a Slutasaurus, I sadly have to agree with that statement.



  7. Look, She-Hulk equals sexy. It would be ridiculous not to ackowledge that fact or to pretend that the character has thrived all these years because a physically strong female attorney was such a compelling character. Little boys (and big ones, I suppose) like the idea of a big, green, curvy lady with a lot of cleavage. There are just lines where you go from sexy to insultingly exploitive. She Hulk has jumped back and forth over that line many times over her career and some clever writers have actually used that to make bigger points about female superheroes and how they are used.

    Obviously the line is subjective. At what point do breasts grow from a sexy attribute of a real woman, to some sort of horrific mutant growths? If we see a butt flying by doing a jump kick that seems ok, but is it ok when the character’s costume is given the equivalent of butt floss? And why would a female character continue to wear an outfit that is essentially in tatters and could result in all her naughty parts dangling everywhere with one burst zipper? I give comics a lot of slack, because I know it is fuzzy. But when I see something that borders on grotesque, it turns me off of the book and the character. I am not offended (I do not really offend at all), I just have a negative aesthetic reaction to something I find to be weak writing and/or art.

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