As the FALL OF THE HULKS rages on, the ALL-NEW SAVAGE SHE-HULK continues on a collision course driving her right into the Gamma-charged fray! Now, thanks to help from a surprise ally, Lyra’s true agenda becomes clear…but can the offspring of Hulk and Thundra stand up to the onslaught of RED SHE-HULK? Can anything? From writer Jeff Parker of the sold-out FALL OF THE HULKS: ALPHA and amazing artist Salva Espin comes this tale of gorgeous gammazon gals.

WRITER: Jeff Parker
PENCILS: Salvador Espin
INKS: Dan Day
COLORED BY: Shawn Moll
LETTERED BY: Keith Aiken
COVER BY: J. Scott Campbell

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


  1. And the Jeff Parker explanatory back story material, making sense out of nonsense continues. I don’t know what is more shameful, that Loeb wrote a story so incoherent it needed this treatment or that I bought all of it and am still buying it.

  2. I think Loeb is more shameful than you. You have a vested interest in the character and to an extent are forced to continue buying. Loeb is seemingly just picking up a (considerable) pay cheque and phoning it in. Well done Jeff Parker though. he has been doing admirable work for the past couple for years and not getting all that much credit.

  3. What is sad is that the Parker treatment shows that Loeb actually put the bones of an interesting story together, but seemed to confuse mystery with providing no information that makes sense. And I don’t want to let Greg Pak off the hook. His Incredible Hulk post-600 has not been much better, although I suspect he is to some extent following some editorial marching orders spilling over from the whole Rulk-i-tude.

    And yes, I have over 350 issues of the Incredible Hulk, so it is difficult to walk away (even temporarily) from a character I grew up with. Personally, I blame Peter David for making fall in love with a giant green id.

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