FALL OF THE HULKS continues in this all-new series! What secrets will be revealed? What plans has the RED HULK been hiding from everyone? And what does all of this have to do with the COSMIC HULK robot!? Don’t miss this thrilling first chapter by JEFF PARKER (Agents of Atlas, The Hood) and CARLOS RODRIGUES (Thunderbolts)!

WRITER: Jeff Parker
PENCILS: Carlos Rodriguez
LETTERED BY: Simon Bowland
COVER BY: Ed McGuinness

Price: $3.99
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  1. Cosmic Hulk? Clearly I have missed something along the way. Is Parker auditioning for one of the Hulk books or are Pak and Loeb hunkering down here for a while. Personally I’d like both to move on and get some fresh blood and ideas flowing here. But of course Hulk is selling well and at $3.99, no less, so I am may be dissappointed.

  2. Cosmic Hulk was a Hulk robot the Eternals fought way back in the their 1970s series. It was recently shown as being kidnapped buy the Leader and his gang of geniuses.

  3. This was outstanding.  I have a sneaking suspicion that this is going to be the best series out of Fall of the Hulks.  I loved the art…classic looking.  I hope Parker gets one of the Hulk titles for himself to write.

  4. Can someone explain to me what is going on here with all these Hulks and what do I need to read for this to make sense to me.  I don’t care for the Son of Hulk stuff, but would like to read about how Rick Jones became Hulkish and what Bruce has been up to since I last saw him at the end of World War Hulk.

  5. I picked back up on Incredible hulk at 601, and this is where I end up?  It so sad.  Like when a junkie starts shooting up in their genitals.

  6. Most of this stuff (A-bomb, Red She-Hulk) happened in Hulk (Incredible Hulk was on hiatus for a year so not much could have happened in that title) and the Alpha/Gammas. I wouldn’t recommend reading all the back Hulks unless you really love Loeb’s Hulk writing. For me there is not much to be gained buy reading them. For instance, Rick Jones turning into A-Bomb. He just showed up and that is almost all there is to know at this point. I suppose Hulk 600 has a few tidbits of the present puzzle, but if the Fall of The Hulks interests you I would suggest just getting Alpha/Gamma and jumping in. So far I am enjoying more than the past year and half, but I am not sold on it yet. 

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