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Okay, so Sleeping Beauty has been awakened again by true love’s kiss.

But hold on!

The thief Ali Baba doesn’t seem a likely candidate for knowing true love from a day-old cruller. So how did this kiss work?

We proudly present thrills and chills – and since the Snow Queen is involved, we do mean chills – along with mathematical proof of what does and does not constitute true love.

Written by Bill Willingham
Pencilled by Zander Cannon & Phil Jimenez
Inked by Andy Lanning
Lettered by Todd Klein
Colored by Andrew Dalhouse
Cover by Adam Hughes

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. I loved the first issue. Loving these Hughes covers too!!

  2. Issue one was better then expected and I will be pulling this as well on Wednesday for a issue #2 read and then I will make a decision to drop or keep. I really can not afford any new titles and everyone here at IFanBoy got me hooked from the first issue so I need to make sure right away.


  3. It will be difficult to adjust to a Fables spinoff that doesn’t have a page devoted to Babe the Blue Ox, but I think I can manage.

  4. I like the first issue as well, and want to make room in my budget for this.

    For some reason I knew the red head was the right girl for Ali Baba to kiss.

  5. I thought the first issue was alright; the art was fantastic, but I thought the story was so-so. I might just be spoiled from reading Fables only in trades, either way I will check this out for a few more issues before I make any drop/keep decisions.

  6. first issue was good, give this one a go but I may just collect this series in trade.

  7. consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    Was quite surprised how much I liked this. I’ll definitely keep it going for first arc

  8. Never read Fables, but I’m really enjoying this. The chracters and the story are intriguing and I like reading about powerful Female characers, but the art, THE ART IS FANFUCKENTASTIC..4/5

  9. The writing in the first issue was reminiscent of Willingham’s earlier more pornographic works.

  10. I have to say I bought it because of the Hughes Art, never read Fables but I might try the trade to see what it’s like.

  11. Hopefully they keep the Snow Queen in the regular cast to compensate for the blah Ali Baba and the annoying trying-to-be-funny dwarf genie.

  12. Well I forgot to grab this last week so I will pick it up tomorrow. It sounds like it was pretty good??


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