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Part 1 of a brand new arc!

“The Return of the Maharaja” takes us to the exotic Fables world of the Indu (from which our own world’s India is but a shadow). We kick off the high-adventure with one of the fairest and most badass women to grace these pages yet. Meet Nalayani from story and song. It starts when her humble village under attack, which sends her on a quest that will transform all of Fables forever.

Written by Sean E. Williams
Art by Stephen Sadowski & Phil Jimenez
Cover by Adam Hughes

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  1. If you’re interested in Nalayani, here’s what I found:

  2. On my way to the comic shop, I was discussing fables and this series with my friend and I was talking about a certain character that was long overdue to return. Then that character showed up on the final page of this issue. Creepy!

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