Price: $17.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 47.4%


  1. It has been so long since I have gotten some Fables love. The last trade seemed like it was a year ago.

  2. I had to pull out the last trade just to see where the story was going. Been a long time.

  3. After you buy this you’ll only be four issues from being current, just in case any of you were interested in making the jump to issues. And the most recent issue was pretty rad. Anyway, that cover is beautiful.

  4. Hey, thanks for the scoop. Just might do that. This trade is 10 issues!

  5. Is anyone else going to pick up that James Jean Covers book later this summer? Should be great to see all those covers in an oversized format.

  6. James Jean is probably the only artist I would by book of covers by. I almost bought J.G. Jones 52 covers, but decided against it. James Jean though would be much harder to resist.

  7. Glad that I just finished volumes 6-9 in the past few weeks so it will all be fresh when I read this. As far as cover books go I want to pick up the Marvel Zombies Covers HC. I just can’t get enough zombie covers!

  8. For all of you interested in james jean’s book of covers, check out this post on his blog to see the cover of the cover book:


  9. @NealAppeal

    Wow! You just pulled me into spending some $$$. I had no idea he had an online shop. Thanks man. I am going to pick up some of his prints.

  10. I wish I could jump onto singles after this but I checked in my LCS and they dont get fables…only Marvel and DC for them…

  11. Fables = Vertigo = DC

    Your shop can’t get this?

  12. I know Vertigo is DC but when I say DC I mean books related tro the DC Universe.

  13. Can’t your comic shop order a fables specifically for you every week?

    This is one book I love reading in trade though. I’m not to big on jumping onto the issues myself.

  14. month not week, ha!

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