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If you think that Rose Red is truly ready to suit up, grab a deadly weapon and save the day, you may be in for a rude awakening. Or you may be absolutely right. Regardless, heads will roll, blood will spill and Snow White and Rose Red, the loveliest sisters in all the lands, will be forever changed after “Rose Red” part 5 of 5.

Cover by JOAO RUAS

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  1. These covers have been fun.  I’m so excited for ish 100!!!

  2. The freaking amazing covers of this comic book!!!

  3. I’m very interested in seeing what they do in issue #100.

  4. Feels like this series got its mojo back after the crossover and then some.  100 can’t come soon enough, I hope Mr. Dark gets his!

  5. havn’t read this since the witches arc it just wasn’t that good, hoping for issue 100 to excite me would like to jump back on

  6. Wowza. This is my favorite Fables cover so far.

  7. Damn this was the best issue of Fables in a long time, lots of dangling storylines wrapped up neatly just in time for the showdown in #100.  Plus that cover is a thing of beauty, never thought they could recover from losing James Jean.  POTW easily, although F4 was pretty strong too.

  8. @ZombiePoo – I’m with you. I’ve been ltetting these pile up, and just thumbing through them, but thsi issue was really good, and I’m back in. Looking forward to the showdown.

  9. Wow doesn’t even begin to cover it. This is the perfect way to showcase these characters! The dialogue and the flow of the action was perfect!

    I cannot wait for #100! For the first time in 20 years of collecting I will have been with a series from #1 all the way to #100!

  10. If I read 96-98 will I know what’s going on?

  11. Glad to see who’s back! (I guess that has double meaning for this issue).  And for what Bigby stood in line for was perfect: way to go!

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