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In “Rose Red” part 4 of 5, the Farm is in terrible shape. Factions competing for control of the Fables are splitting it apart. Who can save them? Who, dammit, who? Hush now, and settle down, dear readers. For once it wasn’t a rhetorical question. Here’s your answer: At long last, it’s Rose Red to the rescue. Well… maybe. We’ll see.

Cover by JOAO RUAS

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  1. Wow! What a cover!!!

  2. Very nice cover.  I’m really hoping the 100 issue is good.  I almost feel like we’re treading water until then.

  3. @misterckent  I agree with you there.  The book lost what little momentum it had with the terrible crossover.  This arc actually feels like something is going on.  A little…

  4. It feels like a REALLY long time since the last issue came out.  Maybe I’m just crazy.

  5. 2 months since the last issue.



  6. Anyone interested in Fables cover art by James Jean should try to track down Hi-Fructose magazine No.#15; featuring….James Jean!!!. But don’t look for more of the same cover art there.

    It’s a quarterly mag and they’re currently at #16, so the previous issue shouldn’t be too hard to find.  I was just looking at it a few moments ago.  While his fine art isn’t quite as streamline as are his covers for Fables, his work is infinitely gorgeous. Visually and metaphorically, just as much transpires in some of his paintings alone, as happens in a single issue of Fables.

    …also in High-Fructose #15:  Al Columbia!

  7. @jwaesch: great magazine.

  8. This is all coming together nicely.  I’m looking forward to #100.  I expect it to be something special.

  9. Nice to see thing’s coming together now. The pacing of the last few pages was excellent. 

  10. What an evil beeyotch, reminds of a girl I used to date, would send me to the ends of the world just to garner her favor, I fell for it, but I survived the dragon.

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