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In the idyllic kingdom of Haven, the Frog Bombers are playing the Gobtown Crushers for the pennant, and the winner is…on trial for murder. The star player for the winning team has been accused of committing a capital crime during the drunken victory celebrations. So far, Flycatcher (a.k.a. King Ambrose) has managed to avoid spilling blood in the formation of his new kingdom. But now he has to judge a trial wherein the only penalty for the guilty is death. Featuring guest-artist David Lapham (YOUNG LIARS, SILVERFISH).

Written by Bill Willingham
Guest Art by David Lapham
Cover by Joao Ruas

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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. What happened to the witches storyline?  Is it just me or did that one just kind of meander around till it died quitely somewhere in the two issues before this one?

  2. It kind of did but I’m sure that will be coming back big time somewhere down the line.

  3. Last ish was the end of Witches but after this 2-part interlude a new arc starts right where Witches left off.



    It focuses on Rose Red as the pivotal character.

  4. about time she got her ass out of bed. I am way tired of her.

  5. This was super fun

  6. This was… bad.

  7. I’ve got to say this issue was pretty disappointing after the last arc.

  8. Fables is good for giving a few "breathing" issues before a huge arc.  With issue 100 coming, I’m thinking this is the calm before the storm.  This is only a 2 issue arc and while I’m not a HUGE fan of what’s up with Flycatcher, I do like the idea that another huge altercation is coming.

  9. Loved it!!!  5/5

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