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  1. Wait?  Aren’t we in the middle of the witches storyline?

  2. This, Ex Machina, and Land of Oz for cover of the week.

  3. @spoons, no witches 5 of 5

    Sounds like gepetto is going to make himself an army again.

  4. This is the last part of witches.

  5. I LOVE the way they are using Geppetto.  He’s like Napoleon at Elba.  Don’t call it a comeback…  (I wonder if Geppetto will get his ass stomped, too?)

  6. @stuc lol.  I don’t think many people are going to know, or care to know, about Napoleon at Elba. 

  7. Love Fables. This arc is really re-capturing that always building feeling Fables had back in the pre defeat of the Adversary days. This is going somewhere big. I really Geppetto but I hope they wrap that thread up rather quickly. He was already the bad guy and I would like to see him take a back seat to the Dark Man. Although a Dark Man/Geppetto team up could be kind of cool too I guess.

  8. @vadamowens – But he’s fascinating… Did you know he wasn’t actually short?  He was average height for the time period (5 ft 7 in).

  9. thought the pic was messed up on the comics page. Cover looks just like Day tripper #1

  10. I gotta give some props to Bufkin the flying monkey, I never would have guessed this mostly comic relief character could be so awesome. One of my favorite things about this series is how most of the badasses aren’t  the most famous fables, except for Bigby I guess.  This Witches arc has definitely regained some of the magic after that poorly executed crossover. Sad to see the next storyline takes place at Fly’s instead of more with Mr. Dark.  Oh well, there must be something good planned for Mr. Dark in #100. 

  11. @ZombiePoo – I am looking forward to #100. I expect something special.

  12. @stuc I did not know that.  It’s funny how we often measure history by current standards.

  13. @vadamowens – Perception is 9/10 of reality.

  14. I gave this a very generous 4. I felt the stuff in the Fabletown Town Hall was drug on too long, and quite confusing by this point, although I did love the Gepetto stuff. So essentially everything at the office was bad and everything at the farm was good, heh. Very interested to see where this goes. 4/5.

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