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  1. That … is a fantastic looking cover.

  2. I agree.  Absolutely incredible.  Has James Jean ever done interiors?  I would love to see him do a three issue mini of just about anything.  How about a League of Extraordinary Gentlement Graphic Novel.  I would gobble that up.

  3. with such a light week for me, i cant imagine this NOT being pick of the week.

    i guess ironman could pull one out of nowhere, but im not guessing it will.

  4. Egad! I knew things went to well with the War. Calm before the storm…

  5. Looks like the fables are screwed in more ways then one.  Oh and one other thing.  How can prince charming be dead if fables don’t really die if they’re in the public mind still.  Can we expect him to be "reincarnated" in some way in a future issue?  


  6. @dusman, I thought that as well.  PC is definitely one of the most well-known fables, so I think he should be coming back real soon.

  7. i assumed he never died to begin with. im sure he’s still in the rubble or something. if the witch (totenkinder) can be burned alive for a hundred years, he’s still there. i promise. (well, i dont *promise* but…. you know…)

  8. best. issue. of the series.

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