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  1. Sounds neat.

  2. Oh yea! Mike Allred! Loves it. Ready to see the new status quo.

  3. Sdaley I have to wait till next month to read this, gotta wait for the 10th trade, hope its good.

  4. I am more interested in the story than the art.  I want to see the fallout of the war.

  5. yeah, the art looks good…but not as good as Bucky’s.  Still really looking forward to what happens next, but I think this is mostly going to be a fill-in issue.

  6. @drake – yup.  next issue starts a new 4 issue arc

  7. A great cover, love it!

  8. i’m jumping on with this issue, you’re welcome to have me

  9. Wow. Pick of the Week for me, hands down. Great issue. Best Fables issue since… before the Boy Blue at war story, in my opinion. So that’s been like, almost two years. I was blown away by this, story and art. But… maybe others weren’t. I didn’t really care for #75 that much, and I know I was in the minority on that.

  10. Hmm. The art was nice, but it wasn’t Fables art. I found it hard to recognise some of them. It was a bit of a filler issue but it was still good.

  11. Allred is a great artist, but not for Fables. The line are way too smooth. Fables is supposed to be grittier than this. A bit of let down, storywise, but that’s to expected while Willingham sets up his next big story arc.



  12. Very interesting story, with some great (although scary) arguments for a different perspective.  I’m anxious to see what will come to happen next, especially concerning to the Homelands.

  13. Beautiful art.

  14. i’m jumping off with this issue too…. it’s not good

  15. @edward

    Jumping off with this issue??  Are you serious?  Its about to start a new story line, and a completely knew direction.  I could see jumping off inbetween an arc you don’t dig.  But jumping off at a fill-in, no logic in that at all

  16. i have read a lot of fables in trade form, i wanted to try it in single issues. its not working for me in either format

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