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  1. How is fables is it still good, Im reading the trades now (up to vol 4 March of the Wooden Soldiers) so anyways is it still good should I be looking forward towards the future?

  2. Oh yes, most definitely.  The arc that is starting this issue will be just as epic and probably a lot better than Secret Invasion or Final Crisis.

  3. Ok thanks not that ill be picking this up in singles but im glad iut will still be good.

  4. I’m picking up issues, but I can’t read them until the next trade comes out. It’s so frustrating! I have all these issues that looks so awesome, and I just have to wait. Oh well. I’ll get to this in june.

  5. The best, most consistent title going today. I honestly can’t think of an issue I’ve really disliked.

  6. Remeber the Mike Allred-drawn issue?  Probably my favorite.  It kind of seems like Willingham has been meandering for a couple issues, since one of the characters (I forget who) revealed that the invasion had already begun, like, 3 issues ago, and we have yet to see anything really happen with it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the book as always, especially the espionage stuff, but jeez, lemme see this freakin invasion already!

  7. @ActualButt-He wrote it that way for a reason, so we could get some background on a critical part of the war without having to break into the story itself. Now he can focus completely on the war and nothing else. It’s perfect. 

  8. that…was…awesome

  9. What I love about this book is how long it takes to read. I was reading this issue and enjoying it, and then I got sad that it was going to end soon, so I check to see how many pages were left, and I was only half-way through it. That was pretty awesome. Anyway, great issue.

  10. Great issue. I wasn’t too big of a fan of the last two arcs, but this issue was great.

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