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“Super Team” Part Five.

Well, we tried to warn you. Bigby and the North Wind finally threw down and poor Bigby didn’t stand a chance. We would have loved to come up with some clever, magical way our favorite Lord of Wolves beat his dad in a knockdown, dragout, mano-a-mano fight to the finish, but there was simply no way. Sorry. We tried, and we couldn’t do it.

Oh, also the barrier keeping Mister Dark out of Haven falls, leaving the kingdom entirely unprotected from his wrath.

Cover by JOAO RUAS

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  1. I wish Mr. Dark felt as epic as the Adversary.  Unfortunately, I’m not terribly interested in him as a threat.  I wish it were more suspenseful.  Are we going to wait until #125 to see him fall (basically another 75 issues)?

  2. @misterckent  Agreed that Mr. Dark isn’t as awesome as Adversary, but last issue was pretty good and I am looking forward to seeing Dark and the North Wind throw down

  3. I dont feel that Mr. Dark was built up to be epic like the Adversary was or was he ment to really. Hes just a really powerful and scary guy and thats it(IMO). Im thinking North and Dark take eachother out, and I hope the fight is half as good as issue 100 was.

  4. I really like Mr. Dark.  The Adversary was shadowy and seemed both omnipotent and omnipresent.  And yet was defeated fairly easily.  Mr. Dark seemed the opposite: alone without armies and soldiers to command, an afterthought of a a fallen empire and yet it is precisely those qualities that have made him so terrifying.   

  5. @kmob181  With all the people they put on the battlefield and all the risks Fabletown made to fight him.  It wasn’t just the Adversary, but all his forces.  So many casualties and the length of the struggle don’t seem all that easy to me.  

  6. Mr. Dark is a cool and creepy villain, not as conniving as the Adversary but still a great character.  That battle in 100 was epic and it feels like this one could be even better.  If Mr. Dark does go down anrgy Nurse Spratt will probably absorb his darnkess and be the new big bad, since she just got a big dose of dark power last issue.

  7. Fables is real cool. I am buying the deluxe hardcovers because I want them forever.One of the best comic books ever done

  8. @misterckent – agreed and that arc was epic.  But when they finally went toe-to-toe Fabletown rolled over them.  Then comes Dark without any of these resources and they find that they simply can’t beat him.  It’s a modern day paradigm for any state: crush an extremely powerful but conventional military force and then fall prey to a single shadowy and dark individual who you can’t quite understand. 

  9. I’m really not sure how I felt about this issue.  It was all over so quickly.  Also, SPOILER ALERT who was Rose Red’s guardian?  Was it the Lady of the Lake?

  10. No, it wasn’t the Lady of the Lake. Just as their are great powers in Mr. Dark, and the North Wind, Hope is also a Great Power. You saw Hope talking to Rose Red, and she was Colin the Pig talking to Snow originally in the end of Animal Farm.

  11. Great issue. All of you make valid points. I really curious to see what happens with Mrs. Spratt.

  12. @Mpainter  Thanks man.

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