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  1. I was enjoying this run. Not the greatest, but certainly a reminder of Winnick’s Exiles.

  2. i love this run keep it around. i would pay 15 bucks an issue 

  3. Sucks that this is the last issue. I’m surprised it isn’t being solicited that way though.

  4. Also sad about this being canceled. oh well


  5. This could have been such a great series :-/.

    Looks like it’s going out with a bang, anyway.  And Espin back on art.  

  6. I was so glad when I heard that there were Exiles after the "New Exiles" debacle.  Sadly I guess Claremont bad run detered readers from picking this up.  This book really bought the Exiles back the right way.  I’d like to see some of the characters in this pop up in other books.

  7. Nocturne!! Nocturne Nocturne Nocturne!!!

  8. I loved Morph’s intro: "seems like an intriguing subplot that could play out over YEARS of issues, am I right?"  classic!!

  9. Single best recap page ever!

  10. Such a bummer to be losing this series.  This issue made me sad for all the awesomeness that could have been (and also for the characters, looking back at life on their home worlds and seeing that things were going okay without them). 

    There are a couple of pages I would like to glue together so I don’t have to look at them, but that’s not down to Parker/Espin but to the storyline they’re referencing.  A very nicely-done issue and a great wrapup to the series.

  11. Great, great issue.  Farwell Exiles, I shall toast you with my finest wine.

  12. I don’t feel sad this was cancelled.

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