Price: $12.99
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  1. Oh sweet jiminy cricket! It is Christmas!

  2. Yay… this is only… a year overdo. 😉

  3. Moving to hardcovers on this.

  4. @conor I’m thinking of doing that, too. But honestly with 8 trades all ready, I’d rather just hold out. (Though I’m getting the HCs for Y to replace my issues.)

  5. you’re the comic compenies’ favourite kind of nerds collectors

  6. @edward I constantly reread and lend out Y. It’s just good sense to move to the better binding. Plus, it’s not something I need to own the issues for either. (I’ve already been selling them off.)

  7. right, if had the cash to burn maybe i would do the same thing. Maybe. After all the beer and travel

  8. So lemme get this straight…I dropped Ex Machina for trades a year ago, and yet this TP still doesn’t contain anything I’ve missed?  How is that possible?

  9. @themanagement – Ex Machina is sloooooooow to come out int trade.  Let’s start the bets now as to when the final trade hits, late 2010 or early to mid 2011?  I’m betting on 2011.

  10. i just hope it comes out before 2012 because if it doesn’t we’ll never find out what happens

  11. Heh. Volume 9 of the Trade Series doesn’t come out until May. @Themanagement It’ll be almost a year and a half before you get to new material. 😉

  12. @PraxJarvin – If the next Ex Machina trade comes out in May than it will be the shortest time between two Ex Machina trades since the early days of the title if not ever, so trade readers really won’t be complaining all that much I think.  That also means the final trade may actually be out before the end of 2010!  Holy crap that is a revolution, especially considering DC usually holds on releasing a final trade in a series for a little longer than usual.

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