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  1. About time, good gods.

  2. They should release these and the Starman volumes quicker for the sake of momentum.

  3. and preacher and y. DC are stupid for their release schedules on their hardcovers but good god they are awesome when you get hold of them

  4. The problem is this series isn’t finished (unlike y and preacher) so they have to make sure that these hardcovers don’t outpace the sale of the trades

  5. Ya I don’t quite understand why these hardcovers are released in this manner…

    The first Hardcover of Y was released a year ago and the third one has yet to come out. I really want to read these series and give these companies my money, but they refuse to let me fill their pockets.

    I know Ex hasn’t finished yet, and I forgive it for that. Why delay on completed series though?

  6. i might change to single issues

  7. It would take at least 2 more volumes to catch up to the trades, wouldn’t it?

  8. These hardcovers don’t quite line up to the trades, either, I don’t think. So if you bought the first hardcover, then switched to trades you’d end up getting duplication of at least one or two issues.

  9. I bought the first hardcover and then the third trade as I couldn’t wait and yes I think it had at least one issue of duplication.  I also didn’t enjoy it as much in the shorter format so I’ve waited for this instead of keeping going with the trades.  The first hardcover was one of the best things I’ve read since coming back to comics but the joy of it was in it building momentum over a lot of issues and I don’t think that works as well in smaller sized chunks.

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