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It’s the bloody conclusion to “Pro-Life,” and the penultimate issue of this groundbreaking political thriller. Mayor Hundred makes the hardest decision of his career, as the final pieces fall into place for an unforgettable series finale.

Art and Cover by TONY HARRIS

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  1. Hell yes!

  2. Almost there, almost there…

  3. Oh Nooooooes! Its almost over!

  4. i hope we see some better art this time

  5. i think last issue it was the coloring that really screwed everything up.  i mean it was bad.  also, this has been a great series but the switch to just about tri-monthly has really killed my interest.  at this point i just want it to end and for that end not to suck.

  6. This is exciting…

  7. Pretty good… the art was really good in this, none of the problems we saw in the last issue.

  8. If that was the wrap up of the whole other dimension thing, I think that was kind of lackluster. Plus I’m not sure exactly what happened with that truck. I almost feel like the super heroics and action are way less interesting and entertaining than the political stuff that’s happened throughout the course of this book. Of course that may be because Tony Harris handles the talking head stuff better than he handles action.

  9. good but anti-climactic and given the hype for this series end, a little disappointing.

  10. I just can’t remember the details of the ongoing plotline and its hurting my enjoyment.  This is the only series in which this happens for me, I guess it’s just the bi-monthly nature of it.  Once it wraps up, I think an entire series re-read is in order

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