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  1. Is this going to end at Issue 50?

  2. I believe so.  Seems like its on a once-every-2-months schedule down the stretch

  3. Now thats a cover! It almost tells the entire story up till this point.

  4. @win yeah, it really does.  Poor Atlas

  5. This is the third issue that’s shipped monthly.

  6. It seems to be on a monthly schedule. (which may explain why war heroes is late). Can’t have enough Harris I say (and can’t wait for hos art book to come out)

  7. I think it’s moving to a bi-montly schedule after this one. DC has solicited everything through January and the only Ex Machina issue in the next 3 months is #47 in December.

  8. It really doesn’t feel like there is enough time left for him to finish this.  Then again it is BKV so I wouldn’t be too surprised if he just walked on water for the next four issues and proved me wrong.

  9. @Spoons I can see that, but at the same time, think about how much Y: The Last Man got done in their last four issues (because that’s what we have left. Four issues). I don’t want to spoil where their fifth to last issue ended, but it’s tricky, as it is with Vaughan’s work, I think, to see where the story’s going next. I can tell you that it does feel like the series is coming to a definite head/climax. All of the strands are starting to come together, and Vaughan is really pulling out many a stop when it comes to the series.

  10. It’ll probably just end with the antagonists dying from a cold virus or being allergic to water.

  11. Apparently this book has the same plot as Fringe.  Not a bad thing

  12. @cutty BKV’s had this planned for much longer, apparently >.>

  13. Is there anything else on the horizon from BKV or is this it?

  14. @cutty In a recent interview BKV said he’s spent the past couple of years developing things, mainly because it takes him a long time to develop. But he said he wasn’t doing/releasing anything new until Ex Machina wrapped. So this is the thing that’s stopping everything up.

  15. No doubt the guy is gonna be a great screenwriter someday, I just hope he doesn’t abandon comics

  16. I talked to Tony Harris at a convention in Dallas today, and he confirmed that #50 is the last issue.

  17. I look forward to the end of this series.

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