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  1. Sweet!

  2. The shit is about to hit the fan.

  3. the book I’m looking forward to the most this week.

  4. @leigh – Me too. Loved the turn it took last week, it should be pretty exciting down the stretch

  5. the ending of this book is bittersweet

  6. Last arc! Prepare to get your face riped off! This is BKV’s masterpiece, fuck Gay the last man, this is going to be the shit! With TWD, its the best ongoing out there.

  7. XTREME!!!

  8. @rockingeek "Gay the last man"?  Seriously? There’s no other way you could have dogged that comic?

  9. This was fast.

  10. @vadamowens ???

  11. BKV said that he thinks Ex Machina’s ending is the best he’s done so far… That’s exciting stuff.

  12. @rockingeek-Calling it "Gay the last man" is a pretty cheap and childish insult

  13. drake. you totally get me:b

  14. Yeah and?

  15. lol

  16. I’ll have to read this whole series afterwards like I did with Y.

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