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  1. I was going to only pick up the trades after last issue, but now I don’t know.  This looks like its going to be hilarious

  2. Me too in switching to trades.  I wonder if Vaughn will show up.

  3. There’s only ten issues left after this one. Why would you switch now?

  4. Originally I borrowed the trades from the library.  I got caught up and then started getting the singles.  Then just a few months ago I actually bought all the trades on ebay.  Hence, I have the latest arc in singles, rest trades. 

    However, after much debate and seeing the preview on IGN…I am sticking to the singles for the last year.  It just sounds so good I can’t wait!

  5. Why is Grant Morrison sitting in Mayor Hundred’s office? 🙂

  6. Grant Morrison and BKV are one in the same!!

  7. Just read the issue it was amazing. It really made me laugh out loud on the train a few times. Sad to think there is only 10 issues left.

  8. Pretty outstanding – I haven’t read my stack yet but I can’t see this not being my pick.

    I feel sorry for any casual (very casual) comic fan reading this though.

  9. Hands down my POTW.  So hilarious, great BKV writing.  I can’t believe how much I loved this book.  And those last two pages?  Wow…just brilliant. 

    @Cooper-I agree.  You sort of have to know your comic book people to get some of the jokes, but not too bad.  

  10. Loved this issue!!! Hope it stays this good for the next 10 issues.

    Does anyone know if Ennis really wrote the last two pages?

  11. @WinTheWonderboy-Pretty sure he did.  BKV did an interivew earlier this week.  Said the issue had two special guest creators on them, but didnt say who for fear of spoiling peeps.

  12. @drakedangerz: Thanks

  13. "one more useless factoid and im punching you in the heart" funniest damn thing ive ever read

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