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  1. Its been such a long time but this arc is finally gonna end!!!  It didn’t feel like it should end after last issue, I got the feeling BKV could have made this into a 6 issue arc if he wanted.

  2. looking forward to finishing this mostly dull arc. I love this comic but the delays are really making me care less about it. I really hope they sort out the schedule & get back on form with the next arc.

  3. Love this book, but I’m pretty sure it’s switchin to bi-monthly till the end (similar to Y).  Gonna drop it and stick to the HCs.

  4. The bi-monthly schedule is killing this book for me but it was a decent ending to the ark which feels like has been going on forever.

  5. *blinks*

    Wow, that is a terrible issue description.

    Solid issue, though — I am hoping this gets monthly again, but I probably shouldn’t hold my breath.

  6. Anyone know if it’s bi-monthly because of BKV or because Harris is doing WAR HEROES or both? Even bi-monthly, this is still one of my favorite series.

  7. If you listen to the Millar and Harris interview in the podcast section, Harris pretty much takes all the blame for it.  Earlier that day I asked him too and he said it was his bad.  It isn’t supposed to be bi-monthly at all, he is just running late with Warheroes and at the time he was finishing up the Spider-man story.  BKV’s scripts are in and everything.  It sucks though, thats why I am moving to trades.  I don’t think I can wait so long inbetween issues and still be as excited about this book as I want to be.

  8. The delays are definitely hurting this book I was a third of the way through the issue before I remembered what was going on. It’s really depressing to me as I thought for the first two years that this book was as good a comic as was being published.


    On a positive note Harris once again shows that he is one of the best cover artists in the world.

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