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  1. Honestly, I felt this was a pretty weak issue of what has otherwise been an amazing book.  Normally, I close this book thinking "Wow!".  This time, I felt like I’d read that story 100 times before.  He makes some interesting points about race relations, but nothing really resonated with me strong enough to make me feel like this story had to be told.

     Interesting that it came out in the same week that Obama gave that amazing speech, though.  

  2. I didn’t think there was anything remarkable about the subject matter in this issue — I don’t really expect Brian K Vaughan to teach me about race relations.  But I liked the issue anyway, because I really felt like it was a return to the core of the book.  I feel the last few issues have lost  the focus on Hundred’s character, and his core relationships (in which I’d include Wylie, along with Bradbury, Kremlin, and his mother).  Just seeing Mitchell and Dave have this conversation, no matter what it was about, had me going, "Yes, this is the book I love."  And I just adored the details of the opening scene, Hundred posing in the mirror and playing with his gun.  Because he would.

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