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  1. Been loving this since issue 1 and it hasn’t disappointed yet. Too bad more people aren’t reading this. Still don’t know if it is a mini-series or an ongoing officially, anyone else know? With the way the story has been going and the plot I would assume it is a limited series but I could be wrong.

  2. @comicdork37 – I’m with you as always dude, this series is great. More people should jump on!

  3. Not as good as the last 3 issues. Just a lot of the same but a nice set up for the big fight next issue between the heroes and the Omegas.

  4. I agree. Issue #3 was my favourite by far, really summed up the world and tone of this book in one issue. Still lovin’ it though, we need more books like this.

  5. @Eyun: Have you got around to reading Hack/Slash or Willow Creek? I just finished the 3rd trade of Hack/Slash and ordered the 4th trade that comes out last this month. Also, I thought you might like Bomb Queen if you haven’t checked that out (there are 4 trades and the 5th mini-series going on right now) as well as the Toxic Avenger and other Tromatic Tales trade by Devils Due Publishing. Glad to see you are also liking Screamland, can’t wait for the finale.

  6. @comicdork37 – I’ve ordered the first trade of Hack/Slash but it hasn’t arrived yet. Have to admit I forgot about Willow Creek until you just reminded me. It’s great to be able to say my biggest problem at the moment is there’s too many awesome books to buy!

    I’ll definitely try and check out Bomb Queen at some point, your taste has been impecible so far. Can’t thank you enough for the Screamland suggestion, the Dracule issue was downright fucking great! 

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