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  1. Why aren’t more people talking about this book? I love it! It’s so off the wall, yet really well-written.

  2. I agree. Unfortunately a lot of books that I read don’t get much attention on here. It seems that for the most part everyone is reading and talking about superhero books (understandably) but I am so sick and tired of them aside from a select few. I did a review of the first issue hoping to catch a few more people’s attention but I don’t think it worked.

  3. @Eyun: Have you checked out Screamland? Issue 3 comes out this week from image. It’s another great off the wall horror-comedy book. 

  4. @comicdork37: I pick up a couple of hero books, mostly in the Batman ‘verse, but I find books like this really refreshing. We should make it our mission to mention Everybody’s Dead in every thread. You know, saturate the market and annoy people until they buy it just to shut us up! 🙂

    Haven’t heard of Screamland, but it sounds right up my street. If it’s like ED then I think I’ll like it. Can I jump on at issue 3 or should I look for back issues? Thanks for the tip dude, really cool of you!

  5. @Eyun: Screamland is a 5 issue mini-series about the classic Hollywood monsters (Frankenstien, Wolfman, Dracula, The Mummy) way past their prime being brought back together for a new Hollywood production. Most of them are alcoholics, missing, overweight, etc. I would recommend checking out issue 1 and going from there.

    Hack/Slash is another cool book from Image if you are interested in the horror genre. It revolves around "the girl" that always escapes at the end of horror flicks and now she is the one stalking and killing the slashers. Very fun and funny if you like horror movies. 

  6. @comicdork37: Thanks man, if it’s a 5 part mini I’ll definitely be getting Screamland from issue 1, it sounds awesome!

    And that pitch for Hack/Slash might just be the best story concept I’ve heard in a long while, so will be checking that out too. That’s why I love this site, you’re always finding out about cool new books from decent folks that otherwise you’d have missed.

    Thanks again 🙂 

  7. @Eyun: Thought of another one. if you like(d) 30 Days of Night (and/or spin-offs) there is a new series from Zenoscope called Willow Creek. It reminds me of 30 Days of Night only with a bigfoot/wolf creature instead. The art is very similar to Ben Templesmith as well. So far only issues 0 and 1 have come out.

    Oh, also Fell by Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith from Image is amazing. It’s a crime book with most of the stories based on actual weird crimes that have occurred. Only 9 issue have come out (it comes out randomly) and they are only 1.99 (they are also only 16 pg stories but packed full). The trade of the first 8 issues is out but I would recommend trying to find individual issues because the letters page in the back explains the inspiration for each of the stories and much more. A great buy either way.

  8. @comicdork37: Dude, I LOVE Fell! I have the first trade, and the last issue that came out. You’re right, the letters page by Ellis was amazing, so I’m trying to track down the issues for the first trade stories.

    So when you said the art on Zenoscope was similar to Templesmith I was straight on eBay!

    As Josh so frequently says, you’re awesome dude! 🙂

  9. @Eyun: Let me know what you think of Hack/Slash, Screamland and Willow Creek if you pick them up. Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to get my comics until this weekend or even next Wednesday so I got nothing to say about this issue of Everybody’s Dead yet.

  10. @comicdork37: Will do, buddy, I’m a few days behind as well, but will let you know. 🙂

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