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  1. Sad to see this go.  I just now read the first 8 issues and really liked the story that Remender has created.  Were the sales down for this?  Is that why it’s only going to 9 or was that planned from the get go?

  2. No, Remender’s on Marvel full time for I don’t know how many years. C.R.E.A.M.

  3. Well I’m glade it’s over, don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but the 6 month between issue was really killing it for me. 

  4. I wish Remender could could devote all his time to this and Fear Agent. Gonna miss this book.

  5. I’m buying it but i’m not happy about it.

    Honestly, this is terrible. tome, this has the same feeling of the worst of 90’s comic.


    BUT it looks great!

  6. I love time loops, they’re my favorites!

  7. I think that the plot was definitely plan B – Remender wanted to tie this up and complete it so he could focus on his Marvel work.

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