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  1. I heard a recording of a con-panel where Canete talked about how desperately important making deadlines for artists is. That’s why I’m kind of surprised that it’s this late. It’s the end though, and I’m sure it looks great. *shrugs* Oh well.

  2. The book sucks since Canete’s on it. I really don’t like his art. I find his storytelling kinda weak. I’m very happy this series will be on "hiatus".

  3. Canete is fantastic

  4. Remender always gives the reader their money’s worth.  Super-compressed, have to read it a couple of times.  I like it but damned if I can figure out who’s who in this.

  5. I’ll follow Remender’s Marvel work and everything, but damn I wish he could devote all his time to End League and Fear Agent.

  6. The bastard child of DC and Marvel. A good read, but I don’t know why since issue 4 I just don’t care?

    Really not my favorite style of illustration.

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