Signs continue to appear throughout the Multiverse that the Cosmic Balance is in peril, and the Eternal Champion is caught in the cross-hairs! Across worlds, Elric, Hawkmoon and Corum begin to face the force that threatens to overpower them all, while Eric Beck, a modern-day video game designer, must acknowledge that his reoccurring dreams of a Pale Prince aren’t all in his head…

Join New York Times bestseller Chris Roberson (SUPERMAN, iZOMBIE, STAN LEE’S STARBORN) as he teams up with legendary fantasy author Michael Moorcock to bring Elric back to comic books in an original ongoing series!

See why Neil Gaiman called Moorcock “my model for what a writer was” while Warren Ellis said he is one of the “eight core sites in my creative genome.”

Writer: Chris Roberson
Artist: Francesco Biagini

Price: $3.99
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  1. Super disappointed in the last issue, but hope things pick up here. I understand WHY there is the whole reality vs. fantasy conflict/concept, but at the same time – that seems to be the kind of stuff that drags a lot of these type of books down. More beheadings, please

  2. One word: ELRIC!

  3. I thought this was  better than the first issue, it actually seemed to be going somewhere, think i’ll stay with it for a few more issues to see where it goes.

  4. I loved the Elric segments but writer Chris Roberson should stick to one character instead of jumping around. Do we have to see every character Moorcock ever wrote about? This book is schizophrenic.

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