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  1. I recently picked-up all the back issues of this series when my LCS had a 50% off sale. I really enjoyed all the issues and the mini-series War Toys but this issue was a complete let down. This issue was pointless; the story didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already even know and just reiterated that Mappo did some horrible things in the past that are still being dealt with. Hopefully next issue is better.

  2. i loved the first 7 issues…  i picked this up, but i have some catching up to do before i can read it…  disappointed to hear the negative review 🙁   

  3. 18 pulls? Ouch! Why aren’t more people picking this up? I haven’t read this issue yet, but this series is definitely unlike anything else that’s being printed right now. The art never fails to disappoint, and the sci-fi concept of former animal soldiers talking and walking like humans is awesome. I also love reading the backmatter on classic British comics and artists; each issue I learn something new. That being said, the story hasn’t really progressed at all over the last 6 months, both due to shipping delays and the pace of the story.

  4. @Paradiddle: I agree that more people should be reading this but after this issue and as you said the (slow) pace of the story thus far and shipping schedule I can see why. With that said I am glad someone is enjoying the back matter. I usually skip this stuff because I read enough as it is and really don’t have much interest in old British comic book creators. I do enjoy the art that accompanies the back matter writing however. 

    One question though…is Elephantmen different than Hip Flask? Are they 2 different series. I picked up 3 different Hip Flask comics back in the day and then just recently picked up Elephantmen. I noticed that issue #0 of Elephantmen is the same story that was in an issue of Hip Flask (Unnatural Selection???). Just trying to figure out if I have am missing anything? 

  5. from what i’ve read at and elsewhere:

    Hip Flask is going to be a 5 issue mini-series…  still waiting on issue 4…  Hip Flask 1 is Unnatural Selection, Hip Flask 2 is also called Elephantmen, Hip Flask 3 is Mystery City…  the current Elephantmen series is a spin off of Hip Flask…  this Elephantmen series supposedly takes place between Hip Flask 1 and Hip Flask 2…

    Elephantmen 0 is a reprint of Hip Flask 1 (Unnatural Selection)… 

  6. Thanks!!! I guess I could have just looked that up myself but I really appreciate you doing the work for me. It all makes sense now. Looks like I DO have everything that has come out thus for for both Hip Flask and Elephantmen (except issue #0 cuz who wants to pay another 3 bucks for a story you already have, but I will probably buy it eventually for completeness). I will keep my eyes pealed for Hip Flask 4. Thanks again.

  7. Hey, it’s nice to see so much discussion about ELEPHANTMEN. I know some people are divided on #12, but everything will make sense once you’ve read the three part WORLDS COLLIDE story in issues #13-15.

    And I’d like everyone here to stop by to post thoughts and comments about any or all issues. We do run letters in the monthly book!





  8. other than War Toys(which is on the way), i am completely caught up now…  just finished Hip Flask 2 & 3 (Concrete Jungle hardcover)… Ladrönn’s art is amazing…  and i love the story…  i cannot wait for the next issue…

    this last issue of Elephantmen didn’t seem to be on the same level as previous issues, but i still enjoyed it…  this is easily one of my favorite series going right now…  few books get me so excited…  thank you Rich 🙂

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