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EARTH 2 #9

• As a new story arc begins, DR. FATE makes his Earth 2 debut!

• Supernatural powers are emerging on Earth 2, and that means new heroes on the scene—not to mention new villains!

• Plus: The debut of the new Wotan!

Story by James Robinson
Art by Nicola Scott & Trevor Scott
Colors by Pete Pantazis & Alex Sinclair
Letters by Carlos M. Mangual
Cover by Nicola Scott, Trevor Scott, & Blond

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.0
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  1. I’ve gotta say, I’m loving the world building in this book, way more than in the Earth-0 books.

  2. Someone really needs to redesign that clunky Flash outfit.

  3. I’m loving this book too. More than JL, actually.

  4. Looking forward to seeing the new Fate. I’ve always felt he was a character with a lot of fans who never got the respect or attention he deserved.

    • Definitely a character who is much overlooked and underappreciated. I hope editorial allows Robinson to use Fate to his full potential, specifically the character’s knowledge of multiple earths and so forth.

  5. Good as usual, but did anyone else notice a few weird grammar and editing mistakes? I know it’s not a big deal, but it bugs me because I’m a huge nerd.

  6. I didn’t care for this too much. It dragged a bit. This issue could’ve been told in 12 issues. The dialog here reminded me of Robinson’s on Justice League, a run that made me hesitant to pick up Earth 2 in the first place. I still love this book, and I can’t wait to see where he’s taking us. I just wish he would give it a rest with the commas and hyphens. I think he’s going for a natural modern rythm, but it doesn’t work.

  7. The first chapter of “The tower of Fate” was a great set-up for the rest of the arc. Khalid is an interesting choice over Kent Nelson to be the host of Fate, but the character’s premise is intriguing, however. I was also excited to see Sonia Sato show up in this one, I hope we get to see her in her other identity. Nicola Scott rocked it, as usual.

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  8. I love Nicola Scott’s Flash, especially in motion.
    Wasn’t that impressed with Fate. The whole ” I got powers and I’m conflicted and emo about using them” angle is really tired. What kind of douchebag doesn’t want superpowers.

  9. Ok. Can someone help me out here with this…..

    According to Terry Sloan there were “8 Wonders”… Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Robin, Supergirl, some unmentionable and himself. So Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman died- Robin and Supergirl fell through the boom tube- and Sloan went to the 9th Dimension or wherever.

    So my 2 questions are this-
    #1- what in the hell happened to Catwoman?
    #2- who in the hell is the person he wouldn’t name in 8 Wonders of Earth 2?

    Love this series… but those questions are bugging me since I re read the zero issue. Maybe I’ve missed or forgot about something. Anybody?

  10. This was another good issue, I’m enjoying the fact that I have no idea who any of these characters are. This is my first exposure to JSA/Earth2 heroes, so even when Robinson drops hints, I don’t recognize them and each new reveal is a surprise. Things have moved pretty slowly, but I don’t mind because the characters have kept me interested. I trust Robinson to bring it all together when he feels the time is right, for now I’m just enjoying the ride. Nicola Scott is great as usual, I loved Hawkgirl’s armory, so badass.

  11. I enjoyed it but I wonder how much if any difference there is between the world army guys and Steppenwolf. With the Flash and his friends caught between those two groups I’d have to ask why bother favoring one over the other.

    • I’m guessing the Earth 2 Earthlings see anything the World Army does as the (far) lesser or two evils compared to the brute subjugation Darkseid and his minions would impose.

  12. Another super issue of this fun title. Bravo, James Robinson; I believe your forte is in spit-shining our Golden Age DCU heritage 🙂 And of course big props to Nicola Scott as well (and the entire creative team).

    I also love how Jay Garrick’s first impulse after the all this recent drama was to run home to his Mommy. LOL Man after my own heart. And boy, what a dick this Atom is! As is Sandman.

    As for the original (new) Earth 2 “Wonders,” it’s so odd to consider the non-powered Catwoman a formal Wonder.

  13. I sense a lot of threads converging soon: Steppenwolf, The Boom Tube, Nabu/Wotan, Alan Scott….I kind of forgot all this stuff was in play. Not a great issue, but a necessary one to move the chess pieces.

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