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EARTH 2 #6

• The Green vs. The Grey! Who will decide the fate of this dying Earth: Green Lantern or Grundy?

• Will the new wonders of Earth band together to form the first super team since the death of the Trinity?

• Does super-genius Sloan really know what’s best for this world?

Written by James Robinson
Pencilled by Nicola Scott
Inked by Trevor Scott
Cover by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado
Variant Cover by Ivan Reis

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. So much fun!! Keep it up!

  2. This book is the first thing I read every week it comes out. I love it. ‘Nuff said.

  3. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this series. Aside from Starman, Robinson’s always been a tough sell for me. My scar from his JLA run are still a little raw, but this book has really impressed me. This feels like what Johns’ and Lee’s JL revamp should’ve been. Looking forward to it.

  4. The art is great, the story is fresh (you don’t need to know a lot going into it), and it’s only $3. I can’t ask for too much more.

  5. Earth 2 is a great title. But i really hope that they end this story line with grundy soon, this fight has span over the last 2-3 issues. Hopefully they will end this storyline soon.

  6. i enjoy this book too.Just wanted to know about Michael Holt,will he be in the book more? he was great in JSA.

  7. DAMN. I love this book. is Scott going to be on art detail for the foreseeable future? this is only our sixth date, but i think i’m in love.

  8. I think the Flash lost his package at one point..!

  9. Count me in with the chorus of other praising posts. EARTH 2 is one of the few books I download at full cost the day it comes out. Robinson’s writing is laser-focused, natural-sounding, and flatout fun – and Scott’s artwork is beautiful and also very real, very easy for the eye to follow and absorb. Though I buy many comics, and I genuinely enjoy them? EARTH 2, BATMAN, WALKING DEAD, DAREDEVIL… these are the four titles that I jump on the minute they come out.

    I admit – another small reason I love EARTH 2 is because it is the only book covering the strange and fascinating setting of Earth 2 (save for stray references / flashbacks in WORLD’S FINEST), so I really feel like I am getting a cohesive window into this world. As opposed to the multiple books of the regular DCU, which have so many different writers/artists/editors involved that when I go from one title to another I don’t feel at all as if these stories take place in the same world. I’ve noticed especially that the characters of Superman and Aquaman act and sound differently in the different books they are in, and this really bugs me.

  10. The last 3 pages were the best…GL acts like a total d*ck. But in an awesome sort of way. No New Trinity yet thank you very much.

    Alan’s “grey dream” sequence with Sam was handled pretty well..but could’ve been stronger.

    Plenty of action…exactly how GL gets Grundy “handled” borders on lame, but never crosses over. You just know Grundy’s coming back.

    For me, weakest issue yet, but it’s still a 4/4.

    My concern is next we’re promised “Whatever happened to Mr. Terrific?” First thought..who cares?

    I hope they can make Mr. T relevant and interesting.

    • I totally agree with all of the above. I’m cool with adding Mr. Terrific but I wish I could get to know the Flash and Hawkgirl a little more. He started with a 6 issue action scene but I’m ready for a character piece. He did a good job on GL but not with anyone else thus far.

  11. Thoughts on Issue #6?

    Glad the Grundy and The Gray storyline is over as carrying on with another issue and i may have died from boredom, like mentioned above GL seems to think he can brave everything on his own after this issue, which gives off the enigma of what happens to him, to be honest i think this is just a device to make people want to grab the 7th issue. Which i will of course, i hope the Mister Terrific storyline is better than this one… Sorry Earth 2 fans…

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